RTP Podcast Episode 1 – McCammon, Idaho: Aaron Hunsaker & The Harkness Hotel

In this (very first!) episode of the Rural Towns Project Podcast I talk to Aaron Hunsaker, owner, founder, creator, maintenance…basically he does anything that needs doing for the beautiful Harkness Hotel in McCammon, Idaho. I grew up in McCammon and know Aaron and his family. I also grew up knowing the building that is now the Harkness Hotel as Howell’s Big Store and to say I never imagined that store becoming a boutique hotel would be an understatement. The Harkness Hotel is an unexpected, beautiful boutique hotel in tiny McCammon and you have to see it to believe it so please go stay a night or two. Aaron is also a bit of a renaissance man. We talk about his education and background, what brought him back home to McCammon, the process of getting the Harkness Hotel up and running and the joys and challenges of running a business in a rural small town in the American West.

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